About Us

Our Mission

Glia Health began with the goal of modernizing the American healthcare system. Our founder, Andrew Denton realized that to make an impact, he had to begin with intentional intimacy. Glia Health accomplishes that by providing tailored brain diagnostic care to everyone. We believe that the intimate relationship between the provider and the patient is the core of any positive healthcare experience. As such we here at Glia support the doctor and return agency to the patient in all that we do to create a better, brighter, healthier future for all our brains.

Our company is a software as a medical device company placing the power of medical technology in the palms of your hands. Our diverse, passionate, and disciplined team is built to innovate in the medical industry because many of us come from the medical industry. We know first-hand the factors that matter in a provider’s decision making and we understand the difficulty patients experience when they extend trust to a provider, while themselves lacking the full context and wisdom that a provider possesses. We built Glia Health with that dichotomy in mind. We are here to restore intimacy and trust in that relationship.

Our goal is to impact brains on a global scale and we are committed to our users’ peace of mind while they navigate our digital health space.

Our Company Values


Our proprietary solution empowers individuals to be in control of their health. We place the power of medical technology in the palm of your hand.


Pursuing excellence is the standard at Glia Health. We seek to only provide unrivaled and exceptional service to improve the lives of our users.


We stand firmly to offer only high-quality, extensively researched products to preserve our users utmost trust in our product.

Our Team

Andrew Denton

Andrew Denton

CEO & Founder

With a Masters of Applied Neuroscience and Cognition specializing in brain diagnosis and imaging, Andrew has spent 7+ years in healthcare. He founded Glia Health in 2021.

Martin Rowinski

Martin Rowinski

Lead Advisor

Founder | CEO of Boardsi. 25 years experience in technology, focusing on leadership, strategic process implementation and product deployment. Member of Forbes Business Council and Fast Company Executive Board Member

Vincent Manna

Vincent Manna

Marketing Manager

Founded a successful mobile application company focused on building community resources for college students with social and psychological troubles. Extensive marketing and business development experience in numerous start-ups. Currently on Microsoft's product marketing management team.