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Glia Health is the world’s first mobile brain diagnostic platform to quickly and accurately diagnose neurological disorders and brain injuries.

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The future of brain diagnostics

Transforming your mobile phone into a reliable diagnostic companion for your brain health. Read more


Our innovative tech takes a long-practiced neuro-exam to the palm of a patients hand.


A personal calendar that allows patients to track their own neurological health.

Neuro Quiz

A library of neuro-diagnostic tests that function as self report surveys.


A database of Glia Health approved doctors to find you the best treatment possible.

Dr. Leslie Saxon

In 10 years the electronic medical record will be the minor player, in terms of where a person’s health history lives. Most of that information will be kept on the phone or in a secure cloud, and the patient will be highly engaged with collecting, curating and sharing that data. Most doctor visits will be like calling up a [Zoom meeting] and there will also be an aspect of virtual reality.

Dr. Leslie Ann Saxon

Professor of Medicine (Clinical Scholar) Executive Director, Center for Body Computing (CBC) at Keck School of Medicine

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